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Legal Interpreting Services

Multi-language legal matters are complex and often present legal interpretation challenges. 

With so much on the line – from multimillion-dollar verdicts to market-changing commercial decisions, to your firm’s very reputation – there is no room for anything short of flawless execution.

That’s why we are a trusted partner for interpretation supporting leading law firms, multinational in-house legal teams, court reporting, and insurance agencies worldwide.

Our state- and federally-certified professionals offer interpreting support in a variety of settings and scenarios. With expertise built from nearly 50 years of experience, ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 standards, and our ongoing commitment to client service, we enable our legal clients to focus on the law and leave the interpreting to us.

From the court room to the board room, our interpreters have you covered:

Consecutive intermediary interpreting
Simultaneous interpreting
Remote simultaneous interpreting
Consecutive over-the-phone interpreting

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