Legal Solutions

Antitrust and Mergers & Acquistions

With nearly 50 years of expertise built serving law firms and Fortune 500 legal departments, our team knows that protecting client data is paramount throughout the process. 


The legal implications around antitrust are intricate and layered and carry significant consequences for companies if not followed to the letter. At BIG IP, we support antitrust matters by translating a multitude of documents related to marketing, false advertising, and false and misleading statements.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our global team has expertise working within the complexities of bringing together multinational organizations. Transaction documents such as contracts, required reporting, IP licensing agreements, and strategy documents are often written in multiple languages, passed between parties, and stored in a deal room. 

BIG IP’s legal linguists will conduct a thorough, confidential review of these documents for relevance and translate them from or into more than 200 languages.

Let us help you stay compliant in the complex world of antitrust and M&A.


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