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Patent Translations

Filing for patent rights is complex and we understand the commercial potential and risk involved.

To increase your patent’s chances of a grant and mitigate unnecessary risk, a patent linguist with domain expertise in the relevant technology area is assigned to translate a given application. Every application then undergoes a rigorous review by a certified in-country patent attorney to ensure it complies with all national requirements. Our process ensures we deliver authoritative and accurate patent translations that will support the success of your application. 

PCT National Phase Entry

EP Validation

Direct Filing

Paris Convention

Prior Art

Patent Family recall

For related patent family filings, we leverage previous translations to ensure consistency, cost savings, and timeliness.

Once translations are complete, we offer flexible options to streamline the patent application process by helping get your application filed in designated jurisdictions by:

Filing the patent for you through our own global network of associates

Submitting the translations directly to your foreign associates.

Returning the translations to you through your preferred delivery method.

We have linguistic expertise across all technology areas including:
Medical Devices
Consumer Electronics

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