Who We Support

Who We Support

The stakes are high because there is a public spotlight on what companies say and how they say it. Our translation and transcreation capabilities assist different members of the intellectual property and legal market with services that grow, adapt, and enhance their business.

Patent Attorneys

By partnering and supporting patent prosecution and patent litigation attorneys across a wide variety of technical disciplines and complex litigation matters, we bring peace of mind and confidence that all translated documentation is linguistically, technically, and contextually accurate.

IP Managers

We help IP managers by taking on the foreign filing instruction and formalities process administrative burden through our project managers and global agent network. Not only do our foreign filing solutions bring relief to already stretched IP teams, we deliver efficiency and cost savings through our project management and competitive rates.


Our consultative approach allows us to deliver customized translation solutions unique to each litigation matter and budget we support. From provision of interpreters to translating case-critical documentation, we ensure quality and integrity in the translation requirements needed to support litigation.


Law firms and in-house counsel rely on us to support a wide range of translation requirements across diverse practice areas from M&A to maritime law. Our command of legal terminology spanning multiple practice areas in more than 200 languages guarantees we deliver the translation support legal professionals need to handle cross border legal matters.

Marketing & Business Development

We help law firm marketing and business development teams localize their efforts to win and grow business. From sales decks to website localization, our translation and transcreation services combined with our in-house creative studio enables firms to deliver their message to market faster and confidently.

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